Vicky Cheng is a PhD candidate at China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). She is currently a visiting student in the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford.

Her research focuses on information privacy and cybersecurity. The aim is to reach a better balance between information privacy and cybersecurity and to reveal why this is essential to the protection of our freedom and democracy. She also plans to conduct a comprehensive review of how big data will affect the way in which we live and work, and how private sectors can spur innovation and maximise opportunities and the free flow of this information while minimising risks to privacy.

Vicky's doctoral thesis compares the legal frameworks for the protection of personal information between the EU and China. The research explores when, how, under what conditions and to what extent can public and private bodies in both jurisdictions collect and process personal data. Her research adopts a multidisciplinary approach to combine the fields of law, communication studies, political theory, culture studies and ethics.

She has led a project subsidised by CUPL and has taken part in several projects as a key team member. Before her PhD candidacy, she worked as an Educational Assistant at CUPL. She was admitted to the China Lawyer qualification in 2010.

Research programmes

Research Interests

Personal information privacy, cybersecurity, data protection, fundamental rights, personality right, internet plus initiative, cross border data flow.

Research projects