Xuan Shao is a DPhil candidate in public international law. Her research focuses on international investment law, sources of international law, and treaty interpretation. She is also a tutor in Public International Law at the Law Faculty.

She studied law at Shandong University (LLB (Hons)), University College London (LLM (Dist.)) and Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (LLM (cum laude)). She has received various awards during her studies, including the Bentham Scholarship, the Peter Birks Scholarship, and Oxford Law Faculty Scholarship.

Xuan has been assisting the International Law Commission Special Rapporteur on the topic of General Principles of law, in which she assisted with the preparation of the syllabus, the first and the second report. Moreover, she is a rapporteur for the Oxford International Organizations (OXIO) database. She has also interned at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) of the World Bank.

Apart from teaching at the Law Faculty, Xuan has taught public international law and international investment law in Oxford summer courses. She has coached the Oxford team in Monroe E. Price Media Law Moot Court Competition. She is also a co-convenor of the Chinese Law Discussion Group.


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Xuan Shao, 'Agreement Establishing the Asian Development Bank, 22nd August 1966 (571 UNTS 123, UN Reg No I-8303, 17 USTS 1418)' (2020) Oxford International Organizations
Xuan Shao, 'Joint Statement on East Asia Cooperation, 28th November 1999' (2020) Oxford International Organizations

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Xuan Shao, Equity, General Principles of Law, and the International Rule of Law, paper presented at 2019 ESIL Annual Research Forum, Goettingen

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Public International Law, International Investment Law, Comparative Public Law

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Public International Law

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