Doctor Zhenyuan-Du,graduated from the Nanjing University in China with a PhD in law and is an Associate Professor at the Health Economics Management School of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in China. She is also a Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Youth Committee of Medical Humanities and Social Sciences,Director of Jiangsu Society of Health Law,Director of Medical Law Research Association of Jiangsu Law Society,and Member of Chinese Law Society in China. She teaches courses including medical law, economic law and international business law. Her research areas are mainly on medical law and bioethics,ethics and legal issues on emerging rights in the background of biomedical technology and intellectual property. She is interested in a new cross-divisional academic department and do some research in it,such as articles regarding the protection of life and health rights, food safety, pharmaceutical intellectual property, ethics and legal issues of new medical technology have been published in core journals. She has also been a visiting scholar at the University of Munich and visiting professor of KU Leuven University.

She is currently working on the ethical and legal issues in medical data acquisition and utilization under big data system.

Research projects