Zhicheng Wu, MPhil, MJur (Oxon), BA (China) is reading for DPhil in Law at Brasenose College under the supervision of William Swadling, and is currently in his third year writing a doctoral thesis on comparative property law entitled 'Separation and Abstraction in Property Transfers'. Before coming to Oxford where he completed the MPhil Law degree and the MJur degree, he acquired a BA Law degree in Soochow University, China. He also serves as an associate editor of the Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal.


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  • Zhicheng Wu Wu, 'The Nature of Beneficial Interest under Trust in English Law Orthodoxy (in Chinese)' (2015) Northern Legal Science 150
    ISBN: 1673-8330
  • Zhicheng Wu Wu, 'On Claim of Rights in Rem: an Exception to the Absorptive Function of Tort Liability (in Chinese)' (2011) 23 Soochow Law Review 310


Research Interests

Property Law (real and personal); Law of Trusts; Law of Obligations; Comparative Private Law

Research projects