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Postgraduate Research Degrees

The Law Faculty's community of research students extends across a wide range of legal and interdisciplinary specialisms corresponding to the diverse interests of faculty members. As a research student you can expect to work closely with a specialist supervisor who will help you to develop your work up our 'pyramid' of scholarship to the internationally esteemed DPhil level, the Oxford counterpart to what is more often known as a PhD. Research students play a central role in the intellectual life of the Faculty, collaborating in numerous discussion groups and colloquia and participating in many BCL/MJur/MSc course seminars.

Please note that all scholarships for 2015 entry have now been allocated.

• The Master of Studies in Legal Research (MSt), an entry-level one-year research degree that can also serve as the first year of a DPhil

• The Master of Philosophy in Law  (MPhil), a one-year research degree that can also serve as the first year of a DPhil, available only to those proceeding from the Oxford BCL or MJur taught postgraduate programmes

• The Master of Letters (MLitt), an intermediate-level two-year research degree

• The Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil), a major research degree requiring three to four years of study and setting the highest standards of academic achievement

• General questions about life as a research student? Check out our FAQs.

• Statement of Provision for Research Students in Law

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