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The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights is a dedicated institute within the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford. Since October 2017, the Institute has been housed in a new building at Mansfield College. Here we undertake worldclass research in the field of human rights law and foster public engagement in human rights issues beyond the academy. As part of its mission, the Institute will establish a vibrant community of graduate students, host outstanding scholars of law and other disciplines, and collaborate with practitioners engaged in the most pressing contemporary human rights issues around the world.

The Institute has been named after one of its principal donors, the Bonavero family. Yves and Anne Bonavero founded the AB Charitable Trust to defend and promote the cause of human dignity more than twenty years ago. The Trust has provided the Institute with an endowment in perpetuity to cover the employment of core staff.

“Under its aegis, the new Institute will produce, and deploy in the field, academic research of such calibre that the lives of men, women and children worldwide will be improved.” - Yves Bonavero 

Institute Staff

Since opening, staffing of the Bonavero Institute has grown. The team includes the Director, Head of Research, Head of Programmes and five research fellows and an associate fellow. This team is supported by the Institute Administrator, the Price Moot Administrator and an Events & Communications Officer.

Both Shreya Atrey and Naz Ghanea (Associate Professors of International Human Rights, employed by Continuing Education) also sit at the Bonavero Institute. We regard Shreya and Naz as an integral part of the team here, working in close collaboration on a number of initiatives including the MSt in International Human Rights course, International Human Rights research and programmes and human rights teaching.

Advisory Council

The Bonavero Institute consults an Advisory Council whose members are leading human rights scholars and practitioners from across the world, including senior judges from the UK and human rights lawyers from Colombia, Germany, India, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States. 

See the members of the Advisory Council

Graduate Research Resident Students

The Institute is keen to provide opportunities for graduate research students to spend time at the Bonavero Institute in order to build a supportive peer community of research students engaged in research associated with the broad fields of human rights, the rule of law and democracy.  

See the list of our existing and former graduate research student residents here. If you are a graduate research student working in the broad field of human rights, the rule of law and/or democracy at the University of Oxford, read about the Institute's graduate research student residency programme.

Academic Affiliates

We have an Academic Affiliate Programme here at the Institute, which has allowed us to reach out and build a diverse community of scholars within the University of Oxford.

See the academic affiliates working with the Institute.

If you are an academic within the university of Oxford, read about the academic affiliate programme and see how to apply.

Research Visitors

Our Research Visitor programme provides an exciting opportunity to engage with an array of practitioners and scholars from within and outside Oxford, as they spend time on their own self directed research at the Bonavero.  We hope that this programme will spark new collaborations from different jurisdictions, both in the global North and South. To read more about this scheme, including how to apply if interested, please visit our Research Visitor programme page.

See the list of people who have visited the Bonavero Institute as Research Visitors here.

Early Career Research Fellows (non-stipendiary)

We have recently established a scheme for early career research fellows to join us at the Institute. The Early Career Fellowship Programme encourages post-doctoral researchers or other early career researchers engaged in the broad field of human rights law who have a college or university early career position in Oxford, or who have an externally funded post-doctoral fellowship, to undertake their research at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights. See the Institute's Early Career Fellowship Scheme page for more details.

Fostering robust and open conversations

One of the key aims of the Institute is to engage in robust and open conversations, enabling us to understand the global picture with regards to human rights. As part of this, we host a conversation series, inviting judges from a wide range of jurisdictions, including national and supranational courts. In convening this series of Series of Conversations with Judges and HR Litigators, the Institute hopes to explore one of the most important questions for constitutional and human rights lawyers everywhere and deepen understanding of variations in the role of the judiciary across the world, bringing fresh perspectives to debates on the separation of powers.