The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights supports vigorous and diverse scholarly discussion about human rights, and seeks to foster collaboration between scholars and practitioners, notably human rights lawyers and judges. Our team undertakes worldclass research, looking at human rights from a range of perspectives, and working openly and collaboratively with colleagues at Oxford and around the world.

The Institute is hosted by Mansfield College, Oxford. We seek to provide opportunities for students at the University of Oxford to explore current issues in human rights, and to think about the application of human rights law in practice.

Bonavero Institute

The Bonavero team includes the Institute Director Kate O’Regan, Research Manager Christos Kypraios, and British Academy Global Professor Martin Scheinin. Shreya Atrey and Nazila Ghanea coordinate the M.St in International Human Rights. Our new Head of Research Tarun Khaitan will join us in mid-2021.

We have six post-doctoral fellows attached to the Bonavero. Ekaterina (Katya) Aristova works on business and human rights, Oliver Butler on human rights in the digital realm, Michael Molavi on collective access to justice, and Leah Trueblood on referendums and representation. Ruth Kelly supports the Symposium on Strength and Solidarity and Stefan Theil supports our collaboration with UNESCO on freedom of expression. Our research fellow Lisa Ko-En Hsin supports our collaboration with the Modern Slavery Policy and Evidence Centre .

Zoe Davis-Heaney leads our administrative team. She is supported by Sarah Norman, Programmes Administrator, Rosie Finn, Events Coordinator and Bharat Shivan, Grants & Finance Officer. We have four research and communications assistants: Danilo Garrido AlvesSanya Samtani, and Gayathree Thazhathuveetil from the Faculty of Law, and Zobia Haq from the Faculty of History.

Member of the Institute’s Advisory Council are leading human rights scholars and practitioners from across the world, including senior judges from the UK and human rights lawyers from Colombia, Germany, India, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States. 

The Bonavero Institute is named after one of our core funders, the Bonavero family. Our core staff costs are covered by an endowment in perpetuity from the A B Charitable Trust, which Yves and Anne Bonavero founded in 1990 to promote human dignity and defend human rights.

Research Visitors and Affiliates

Mid-career and senior practitioners and scholars from around the world can apply to our research visitor programme. Post-doctoral and other early career researchers engaged in the broad field of human rights law can apply to the early career fellowship programme.

Academics and researchers at the University of Oxford can apply to the academic affiliate programme. Oxford graduate research students working on human rights, the rule of law or democracy can apply to the graduate research student residency programme.