Dr Roxana Willis is the Principal Investigator. Willis worked as a legal advocate in Cameroon between 2009 to 2011, and co-founded a pro bono Law Chambers in the North West Region. Between 2011 to 2012, Willis conducted a comparative land law research project that examined succession rights in francophone and anglophone parts of Cameroon. Since then, Willis has specilised in 'ethnography at home’, learning about informal conflict resolution and restorative justice processes among her former-steelworking community in England.

Barrister Mbinkar Caroline is the Co-Investigator and Lead Advisor. Mbinkar is a distinguished lawyer from Cameroon, whose work is known internationally. Mbinkar cofounded a pro bono law chambers, ALL for Cameroon, supported by Allen and Overy. The chambers provides free legal assistance for those unable to otherwise afford it. As part of this work, Caroline runs a student law clinic, supervising and training students from around the world including Cameroon, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, UK, USA, France, and Belgium. Mbinkar Caroline has first-hand experience, knowledge, expertise, and insight, which will be vital to inform a project that can accurately document current events.

Dr James Angove is an advisor on the project, primary logistician, and blog administrator. Angove is a philosopher by training, with experience working in Cameroon. In 2010 to 2011, Angove volunteered at ALL for Cameroon, and taught critical approaches to jurisprudence and ethics on the law clinic programme. James has stayed in touch with Mbinkar and the chambers since this time, and is dedicated to getting this current project off the ground.

Ndjodi Ndeunyema is a researcher and project advisor. Ndjodi is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Law, University of Oxford, and Research Director of the Oxford Human Rights Hub.

Joseph McAulay is a researcher and project advisor. Joseph is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Criminology, University of Oxford.