Training sessions with PI
Defining your sample
Representativity (seniority, geographic diversity, jurisdiction, fields of law)
Recruiting your respondents 
Project presentations
Accessing caselaw
Legal databases
Keywords for cultural expertise related cases
Accessing cultural expertise out-of-court
Meta-data creation
Ethics and approvals
Training sessions with Post- Doctoral Researcher
Data Security including the full details of the online course, how to access it and how to share your certificate with us (see Technical Guide)
Using Nexus365 and Accessing OneDrive
Data handling, data back up, and using shared folders with OneDrive
Encrypting Documents and Files for Secure Transfer
Using the Case Law Spreadsheet, including how to download and name files and using the correct formats 


Guidance on translating the survey and how to maintain formatting to it may be re-entered into Qualtrics 


Guidance on content to be included in emails