We will post information on these pages to ensure that members of the Faculty are kept informed of the process. This front page (microsite homepage) is accessible to all, but the pages within this microsite are behind single sign on (SSO).

All Faculty email communications on the REF will also be stored on these pages. The hope is that this will become a useful resource, easy to find and quick to use.


Timetable for REF 2021

Staff census date   30th July 2020
Date for submission of all data   30th November 2020


For each submission, three elements are assessed:

  • the quality of outputs (e.g. publications, performances, and exhibitions) - 60%
  • their impact beyond academia - 25%
  • and the environment that supports research - 15% 


Publications - an initial survey

All members of the Law Faculty are asked to complete the survey, listing their publications that might be selected for the REF. Read more about the publications survey.



The Social Sciences Division REF team have created a REF2021 FAQ page.