Check out Vanessa's recent essay, 'On the Paradox of Democracy for Migrants,' featured in the European Group for the Study of Social Control and Deviance Winter Newsletter I.

Here's a teaser:

"On May 12, 2012, Europe stood accused of gross human rights violations at Tribunal 12 during a hybrid legal case and dramatic performance staged at Kulturhuset in Stockholm to a rapt audience. Europe stood silent as the prosecution read the charges: “systematic mistreatment of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers” and repeated and serious violations of fundamental rights to life, security, family, movement, and human dignity ( For the next twelve hours, twelve witnesses and eight international legal and academic experts were called to document and explain how it is possible that well over 16,000 people have died trying to cross the border into Europe, how many more are lost at sea, how young children are subject to abuse and exploitation en route to Europe and then upon arrival subject to detention and deportation, and how countless other human beings experience forced deprivation intended to elicit their return “home” and quick exit from Europe. The world-renowned jury listened to the mounting evidence about how current border control practices, the asylum process, and detention and deportation have created a much more selective, restrictive and exclusionary immigration regime that prioritizes security over human rights and results in the criminalization of migrants. Tribunal 12 presented a powerful case against Europe showing how the much admired liberal democracies of the Global North have become illiberal toward the people of the Global South..."

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