From the Field is Border Criminologies new ‘mini-post’ series featuring news from researchers currently in the field. In the second instalment, Border Criminologies researcher Sarah Turnbull provides an update on her current fieldwork.

Campsfield House IRC (Photo: BBC News)
Starting in September 2013, I’ve been visiting Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre (located in Kidlington, Oxon) as part of my research project, Home and Away: Gender, Nation, Deportation. The aim of my research at Campsfield House is to garner a better understanding of the experiences of immigration detention while examining issues around ‘home’ and belonging. In particular, I’m conducting ethnographic fieldwork as well as administering surveys among those detained at this removal centre.
A few weeks ago, a serious fire at Campsfield House resulted in a significant number of detainees being transferred to other removal centres. Fortunately, there were no casualties or serious injuries. I’ve been able to continue my research during this time of interruption and transition, which offers an unexpected opportunity to observe changes and adaptations to daily life at the centre.

Once fieldwork at Campsfield House wraps up, I’ll be starting fieldwork at another removal centre while examining the same themes.

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