Border Criminologies is pleased to announce, as part of the Leverhulme International Network on External Border Control, the creation of a new SSRN legal studies paper series: Criminal Justice, Borders and Citizenship Research Paper Series. This series, managed by the Network Facilitator Dr Blerina Kellezi, will showcase interdisciplinary research on the intersections between criminal justice and migration control, making all papers freely available via the open access platform of SSRN.

As with all SSRN papers, authors may deposit either the penultimate version of their journal article or book chapter (sometimes the final proofs, sometimes the word document, depending on different publishing houses), or abstract and title, or, after any period of embargo required by the publisher, the final version. We would also be interested in publishing reports, and we have nascent plans for a working paper series associated with the Leverhulme Network.

In creating an open access journal of this nature, we hope to expand the reach of articles in this field and continue to develop the subfield. Please contact Blerina Kellezi for more details, or if you have an article you would like included in the series.

Most of SSRN's core services are available to users without a SSRN account and without signing in (like searching the SSRN eLibrary and downloading papers), but others require creating a SSRN User HQ account (to submit papers or subscribe to an eJournal).

You can subscribe to the eJournal at no cost.