This is the second post of Border Criminologies themed week on 'Borders Through Time: Commemorating Lampedusa' organised by Victoria Canning and Francesca Esposito.  

In today’s vodcast, Victoria Canning speaks to Karam Yahya about his work with refugees fleeing Syria. Karam was born and raised in Damascus, Syria before moving with his family to Amman, Jordan. Karam he graduated from Hashimite University in 2013 and started his work career with Actionaid ARI as a Community Mobilizer at the Zataree refugee camp before himself crossing borders from Jordan to Germany as the situation in Syria and then Jordan deteriorated, later returning to the Mediterranean on sea rescue missions. Currently, Karam is a Master’s student at Humboldt University Berlin. In this interview, Vicky and Karam focus on rescue interventions at sea, the impacts of everyday borders for survivors, and how the European Union might approach border crossing from a more humanitarian perspective in the future.