This website aims to showcase research and first-hand experiences of border control from those directly and indirectly subject to it, as well as from academics, students, practitioners, and policy makers. We strongly encourage you to participate! 

Border Criminologies has an open call for blog contributions such as (but not limited to):

  • Themed posts: On issues related to border control drawn from research, practice or first-hand experience.
  • From the Field series: These are ‘mini-posts’ featuring news/updates/notes from those currently in the field. A good way to keep updated on current research. They are usually shorter (under 500 words).
  • Audio and images: Visuals (e.g., photographs, art, video) and soundscapes (or other audio files) you have created about border control.
  • News and updates: Upcoming events, new resources, recent policy developments, etc.
  • Article or report reviews: Brief summaries of new publications that may have wide appeal.
  • Opinion pieces: Express your views on recent developments or media coverage.
  • Book reviews: If you’re interested in reviewing books on the subject of border control, please email us with your name, position, institution, and five keywords that detail your areas of expertise. If you’d like your book reviewed at Border Criminologies, please have your publisher send a review copy to us at the address below. We’ll take it into consideration and commission a review if we find it of interest to our readers.

Interested? Here’s how: Email us with a draft title and a short summary of what you’d like to write about. You can also submit a draft post if you’ve developed it already. One of us will then contact you and discuss further steps and timeframe. Please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Posts should be between 750 to 1000 words in length (1500 words maximum).
  • Relevant sources and background should be hyperlinked, where possible.
  • Please don’t use footnotes.
  • Posts should be written in a clear and concise manner, avoiding jargon and wordiness.
  • Remember that as a blog post, it’s important to appeal to a broad audience (such as readers from outside your country) so wherever possible, connect local issues to global concerns.
  • Visuals and audio are strongly encouraged, especially those of your own creation (and copyright).

While the editorial board of Border Criminologies is committed to working with authors to facilitate publication where possible, we cannot guarantee that all blogs that are submitted will be published.  

Once the post is published, remember to get involved and share with others: Border Criminologies aims to promote dialogue and debate. We encourage you to watch for comments and enter into the discussion. Expand your readership by sharing your post with friends and colleagues. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions relating to the webpage and your possible involvement in it.

Thank you for your interest in the Border Criminologies website. We look forward to your contribution!

P.S. You can also contact us through the mail at: Border Criminologies, University of Oxford, Centre for Criminology, St Cross Building, St Cross Road, Oxford OX1 3UL. Or call us on +441865 274455 and leave a message. Someone will get back to you.