The Leverhulme International Network on External Border Control brings together research groups at the Universities of OxfordOslo and Monash working on a variety of aspects of border control to better understand and respond to the challenges posed by mass mobility. By working together we will be able to break down regional divisions, share data and research design, in order to accelerate theoretical and empirical innovations. The network is specifically designed to mentor and support emerging interdisciplinary scholars and engage with practitioners through a schedule of events, online networking and publications. Participants come from law, criminology, anthropology, sociology, and public policy.

One of the main aims of the network is to make research findings widely available through an open access platform. Therefore, it established the first open access journal on the intersections between criminal justice and migration control. The SSRN Criminal Justice, Borders & Citizenship Research Paper Series currently includes more than one hundred and sixty papers, freely available to download. The SSRN allows for a wide distribution of papers, thereby increasing the exposure of our research. Each submitted paper is included in up to 12 of SSRN’s 1,000+ subject matter journals across multiple networks, and has publication priority over other non-research paper series submissions. Our distributed research papers series has tripled the download counts of all the papers included in them. Since May 2014, our papers have been downloaded over 20.000 times. We invite you to take the opportunity and make your research widely available through the open access platform of our SSRN page. If you share our commitment to offer research papers downloadable for free, you can subscribe to the Series and receive our monthly e-journal. If you wish to submit your own work to the Series, please download the announcement below for submission info or contact Andriani.


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