Participant Overview

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition.

In order to prepare yourself and your team for the challenges of the Price Moot, we highly recommend you spend some time with the extensive resources our team of experienced mooters has put together for you, as well as familiarizing yourself with the Rules.

Getting Started  Preparing your Memorials  Preparing for the Oral Rounds

Learning from Experience  Understanding Media Law

Once you have registered for your Price Media Law Moot Court Competition, your team should start planning well in advance in order to organise the research, the preparation and the composition of the written Memorials. Even though you might have worked on team projects before, you should bear in mind that the participation in a Moot Court requires a range of skills including excellent legal argumentation as well as written and oral presentation. These skills shall be developed during the competition to help you advance as students and as team members.

While these resources will help you in your preparation, it is the research that you and your team conduct on your own that will set you apart from the rest of the competition. Successful mooters are those who are able to demonstrate a level of skill and knowledge of the law that exceeds that of their competitors.

This Resources section is designed to help participants and judges throughout all of the different phases of their preparation for the competition. A collection of video tutorials, text and tips of various kinds will help you to get the most from your experience at the Price Moot!

Coaches and students should access the area dedicated to them where they will find two sub-sections.

  • The Mooting Skills section is thought to boost up practical skills for the competition and comprises different pages that can be accessed in succession as you advance through the different phases of your preparation for the Moot.
  1.  Go to Getting started first: a comprehensive mooting master class video and further resources will help you to navigate through the first challenges – such as – you are facing as a new mooter.
  2. Once you have mastered the basics, you are ready to take the challenge with your first task as a mooter: preparing the memorials. In this dedicated section, you will find out more on how to draft legal arguments, quote authorities correctly, and make an efficient use of secondary sources.
  3. The Preparing for the Oral Rounds section offers a range of video tutorials to help tighten your presentation skills.
  4. Finally, in the Learning from Experience section there are videos from past competitions and other resources (such as scoring sheets and winning memorial) to offer a glimpse into the experiences of past mooters.


  • Understanding Media Law is a further area thought to accompany the participants from their first steps into the competition and reinforce their understanding of substantive legal issues at stake in the cases through a series of video tutorials, a comprehensive Media Law Reference Database, and links to case-law, legislation and juridical doctrine repositories from various jurisdictions around the world.



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