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Around the world, political changes and technological developments are creating new challenges for media institutions, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and privacy.

This is not by any means confined to one region of the world: we are all in this together.



For the last decade, the University of Oxford has organized this unique program to train the brightest legal minds from around the planet to become defenders of media freedom and to better to understand the dynamic and complex legal issues involved in today’s transnational and technologically changing world. The Oxford moot works with 100 law schools from the United States to China, from India to the Balkans, from Egypt to Argentina, and from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Their students spend months learning about issues such as hate speech, countering violent extremism, and protections against state interference. After extensive research and study of national, regional and international case law, participants argue these cases before judges in a hypothetical “Universal Court of Freedom of Expression”. The judges are practicing lawyers, judges, and other experts, who test their knowledge in the fire of debate.

Beyond the competition, the Price Moot offers academic seminars on local freedom of expression issues, trains judges in places such as Egypt, Bosnia, and Afghanistan on media and internet law, develops courses in law schools where no media law curricula previously existed, and has founded research centres and law clinics focused on examining major freedom of expression cases. Regional Rounds now take place each year across the globe from Kyiv to Beijing, New Delhi to Cairo.

To ensure the sustainability and continued vibrancy of this amazing program, we are asking you today to join the Friends of the Price Moot Court and make a donation to support this program as it continues to build the largest network of young media advocates in the world.

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