Substantive law on Liability, Compensation, Consumer Protection and Trading

We monitor developments in substantive law, both in relation to their impact on civil justice systems and in their own right. Important aspects include EU Consumer Law, the Product Liability Directive, and compensation schemes (notably, the Nordic medical and drug injury schemes).   See Professor Hodges' article ‘Nordic compensation schemes for drug injuries’ (2006) 29 J Consum Policy 143.

Project on Pharmaceutical Regulation and Liability

Dr. Tulibacka's book "Product Liability Law in Transition. A Central European Perspective" has been published by Ashgate in 2009.

Dr. Tulibacka has been involved (as national rapporteur for Poland) in the Commission’s study on revision of the 8 Directives that form the EU consumer law acquis.  The "EC Consumer Law Compendium. The Consumer Acquis and its transposition in the Member States" (to which Dr. Tulibacka contributed) was published in 2008 by Sellier: European Law Publishers.

Dr. Tulibacka has also conducted EU consumer, product liability and unfair commercial practices law training, conferences and seminars for the TAIEX instrument (European Commission) and BEUC: for personnel of European consumer organizations, both in the old and the new Member States at Brussels, Budapest, Zagreb, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Bucharest and Skopje.

Regulation and Liability of Medical Devices

Professor Hodges was invited by the Association of British Healthcare Industries to give the first Malcolm Carlisle Memorial Lecture on 6 June 2013 at Apothecaries Hall, City of London. This addressed proposals to amend the EU regulatory system of medical devices, together with the need to harmonise EU public enforcement and to modernise systems for care and redress of patients  where devices, such as implants, require revision.

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