Two members of the Centre for Criminology – Elspeth Windsor and Julian Roberts -- have published a report for the Sentencing Academy in London. The review marks 20 years since the origins of the VPS scheme in England and Wales. The primary purpose of the VPS is to allow the victim to document the impact of the crime, and not to provide a recommendation for sentencing. This report reviews recent research and data trends with respect to the use of VPS at sentencing. Victim statements at sentencing have been a focus of research at the Centre since Carolyn Hoyle’s landmark research on the VPS in 2001.

The Sentencing Academy is a research and engagement charitable incorporated organisation dedicated to developing expert and public understanding of sentencing in England and Wales. It encourages the Government to implement effective sentencing practices and informs public debate about sentencing, acting as a bridge between those with expert knowledge of sentencing, the public, and policy makers.

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