Geraldine Frieslaar on the role of the South African History Archive in Apartheid's aftermath

Director of the South African History Archive (SAHA), Johannesburg, South Africa

The archive, founded in 1988, documents the struggle against Apartheid, and holds a copy of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission archive as well as other relevant post-1994 documentation. Listen to Geraldine talk about the importance of using the archive to educate about the struggle against Apartheid and on SAHA’s story of becoming an independent archive in the aftermath of Apartheid.


  • SAHA and its “right to truth” project
  • SAHA and the national Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  • Importance of educating about the Apartheid struggle today
  • From an Apartheid archive to an independent institution
  • What can other archives learn from SAHA?

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