Lior Yavne on the work of the digital Akevot Archive in Israel

Founder and Executive Director, Akevot Institute for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Research, Tel Aviv, Israel

Akevot locates, digitizes and catalogues various forms of documentation on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It makes relevant archival records available for the litigation, research and advocacy of human rights organisations. Listen to Lior talk about tracking the “footprint” (Akevot) of the Isreali-Palestinian conflict and about how to balance security concerns with accessibility of records.


  • Akevot (“Footprint”) Digital Archive
  • Following the footprint of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • How Akevot is used
  • An Archive in a divided society
  • Balancing security concerns with visibility of Akevot
  • What can other archives learn from Akevot?


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