Luisa Franco on the work of the Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica in Colombia

Formerly Directorate of the Human Rights Archive Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica (CNMH), Bogota, Colombia 

The “virtual archive of human rights and historical memory” is a government archive created in 2011. It collects information on serious human rights violations committed by the various actors during the Colombian conflict and civil resistance processes in rural areas. Hear Luisa report on how they integrate indigenous people’s perspective on the conflict in Colombia into the state archive and on the challenges of giving voice to diverse conflict narratives.


  • The Human Rights Archive Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica
  • Building a central archive of the conflict
  • Challenges of integrating different voices
  • Mapping scars of the earth and the body
  • What we can learn from indigenous groups
  • What can other archives learn from CNMH?

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