South Asian Law Discussion Group

The South Asian Law Discussion Group (SALDG) aims to meet twice a term in order to discuss topics of socio-legal relevance in the jurisdictions that constitute South Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Myanmar and Maldives.

Many of these countries are postcolonial republics grappling with similar systemic issues. The SALDG provides a platform for the cross-fertilisation of ideas for academics seeking to study and analyse these themes. Thus, the Discussion Group serves primarily as a supportive forum for scholars to present research situated in South Asia, and to receive constructive feedback on their methods and findings. Secondly, SALDG meetings highlight legal developments in the region that are likely to be of great interest to the legal community at Oxford more generally. While many legal systems in the subcontinent are in a state of flux- as the transition in Afghanistan and more recently, Nepal attest- these developments often lie marginalised in legal scholarship at Oxford. We believe that foregrounding these debates is beneficial not just for academics interested in South Asia, but also broadens the scholastic perspectives of all others who attend these meetings.

If you are interested in presenting your research in this forum, please send us an abstract of approximately 300 words. This Discussion Group is supplemented by a Blog wherein we publish short, incisive analyses that focus on South Asia. If you are interested in publishing your piece (500-700 words) send it to us, along with a photo and a bio (1-2 lines). We remain open to any informal queries, feedback and suggestions. You can reach us at and