The Southernising Criminology Discussion Group is a student-led initiative that aims to extend criminological
horizons outside the Global North, reflecting on distinct patterns and trends of crime, justice and punishment
in jurisdictions historically situated at the periphery of knowledge production and theory formation. This
group provides key tools and frameworks to to recenter the epistemological and methodological focus of the
discipline, aiming to tackle unequal geopolitical and academic relations of power and representation.
This academic year, the Group is proud to organise talks pertaining to two distinct thematic series
(Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Alternative Justice Mechanisms, The Political Economy of Global Criminal
Justice), alongside our regular scheduling.
Seminars take the form of a 40-minute presentation by the speaker followed by an audience-led Q&A.



Michaelmas 2023 Term Card: 

The Political Economy of Global Criminal Justice
(Thematic Series 1)


  • Global Criminality and Green Capitalism: The UnJust Transition, Dr Christine Schwöbel-Patel, Tuesday, 10 October 4.15 pm -5.30 pm (London Time), Hybrid (Criminology Seminar Room/Microsoft Teams)
  • Friendship, Individualism and the Marketisation of the Colombian Youth Gang, Dr Elena Butti, Tuesday, 14 November 4.15-5.30 pm. (London Time), Hybrid (Criminology Seminar Room/Microsoft Teams)
  • Marxism and International Law, Dr Robert Knox, Tuesday, 28 November4.15-5.30 pm (London Time). Hybrid (Criminology Seminar Room/Microsoft Teams)


Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Alternative Justice Mechanisms
(Thematic Series 2)


  • Pale in Comparison: Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Criminal Justice and the Decolonial Question, Dr Amanda Wilson, Tuesday 24 October 4.15-5.30 pm (London Time), Hybrid (Criminology Seminar Room/Microsoft Teams)


Regular Scheduling (Developing Southern Criminological Approaches)


  • How Southern is Southern Criminology in Latin America?, Sebastián Galleguillos Tuesday, 31 October 4.15-5.30 pm (London Time) Remote (Microsoft Teams)