The Society makes up to £10,000 available to fund such an annual symposium in each calendar year. Typically this should be a two-day event and involve distinguished international speakers. It is anticipated that the Seminar will involve a maximum of some 60 participants, of whom approx. 40 should be by invitation only along with about 20 open places.

Eligibility: Proposals from fully paid-up members of the Society as at 1st October preceding the closing date for nominations are sought each year by the Hon Secretary in respect of a seminar to be held in the following calendar year.

Deadline (also see table below): Proposals should be sent by email, with a hard copy by post, to the Society’s Honorary Secretary, Professor Richard Taylor, Lancashire Law School, University of Central Lancashire, Preston PR1 2HE, to arrive no later than close of business on 26 May 2017 (expected, TBC).



Funder Deadline26th May 2017
Research Services Deadline19th May 2017 (-5)
Law Faculty Deadline for first draft review12th May 2017 (-10)
Law Faculty Deadline for initial expression of interest10th May 2017 (-12)


Further information on how to apply can be found here.

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