Details for December 2017-18 round

Funder deadline:  23rd November 2017
Research Services deadline: n/a
Law Faculty deadline for first draft for review: 16th November 2017
Law Faculty deadline for initial expression of interest: 13th November 2017

ESRC’s Celebrating Impact Prize, now in its six year, is open for applications - closing at 16.00 on 23 November 2017. Please visit the ESRC's website for further information.
This is an annual opportunity to recognise and reward ESRC-funded researchers and ESRC associates. It celebrates outstanding ESRC research and success in interdisciplinary, collaborative working, partnerships, engagement and knowledge exchange activities that have led to significant impact. There are six categories (each category winner receives £10K prize):
Outstanding impact:
Business and Enterprise
Public policy
Early Career
Impact Champion: recognising an individual (nominated by a third party or self-nominated) who has a significant track record in supporting and enabling others to achieve impact
Oxford is very proud that we have had winners every year this prize has been running, most recently Prof Lucie Cluver (Outstanding International Impact) and Madeline Sumption and the Migration Observatory team (Outstanding Impact in Society). 

2016 - Finalist in Outstanding Impact in Public Policy (Rachel Condry)

2015 – 1st prize for International Impact (Jane Dyson), 2nd prize for Early Career Impact (Oliver Owen)

2014 – 1st and 2nd prizes for International Impact (Sabina Alkire/OPHI team and Stuart Gietel-Basten) and a Lifetime Achievement Award (Sir David Hendry for his work on economic modelling).

If you are interested in applying, we are happy to help provide advice on the application process and give feedback on your proposal. For anyone shortlisted the Division can also set up a mock interview for you.
The stakes are getting higher and applicants need a really strong impact story to stand a chance in this competition. It is not enough to tell them about your engagement activities, you need to be able to show what has happened as a result of these activities – what difference you have made.


This is open to all ESRC projects - excluding previous winners. There is a prize of £10,000 for each of six categories.