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Undergraduate Study

The Oxford undergraduate law programmes are among the UK's most highly regarded. Many Oxford law graduates go on to rewarding careers in the legal professions, but many choose other walks of life and the programmes cater equally to them. The programmes are also widely admired outside the UK. As a graduate of Oxford Law you will be much in demand for your rigour, thoughtfulness, adaptability, and clarity of thought and expression.

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Our undergraduate law programmes: the regular three-year BA in Jurisprudence, the four-year BA in Law with Law Studies in Europe, and the one-year Diploma in Legal Studies.

Admissions requirements and procedures for undergraduate study in law, with links to the relevant parts of the Oxford undergraduate studies prospectus.

For brief answers to all your burning questions about life as an Oxford undergraduate law student see the general undergraduate FAQs. For more on colleges, interviews, and so on, visit our undergraduate admissions FAQs.

For information on law open days and summer schools check here.

You can also find a list of the college law societies and details of the law joint consultative committee.

The Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal is a legal periodical edited by Oxford Law undergraduates and published on the internet. You can find further information, and the journal itself, on the OUULJ website.

Our undergraduate handbook - outlining the main rules and requirements for our undergraduate programmes, and briefing undergraduate students on what to expect.

Undergraduate prospectus (covering all subjects and colleges)

Provision for students and applicants with disabilities.

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