Animal Law Discussion Group

The Animal Law Discussion Group (ALDG) is a newly established group aiming to provide a forum for discussion between students, faculty members, and practitioners on topics relating to animal law. The ALDG aims to discuss all things relating to animals and the law, including inter alia: the legal and moral status of animals, all aspects of the law as it applies to animals including in the agriculture and life sciences sectors, the environmental impacts of animal use, and animal rights more generally and what these might look like. We are hoping the ALDG will foster interdisciplinary interaction so that we can consider how work from other disciplines can feed into research on the legal treatment of animals and how this legal work might inform the work of those from other disciplines.  

ALDG meetings will typically have a presentation from a researcher working in the field of animal law (or related fields) with time for Q&A and further discussion. In 2022, the ALDG will typically meet on Wednesday lunchtimes, with the times and locations of specific events being listed in the ALDG term card and on the Events section of this webpage. Food and refreshments will be provided at our meetings.

If you would like to join the ALDG mailing list, please email 

For any enquiries, please contact ALDG’s convenor.


Student Convenor: Sarah Levy

Senior Convenors: Jonathan HerringCharles Foster