Book symposium on David Brink's Fair Opportunity, Responsibility, and Excuse

This is a symposium devoted to David Brink’s forthcoming book entitled Fair Opportunity, Responsibility, and Excuse. Brink’s book engages with issues relating to responsibility, culpability, and excuse at the intersection of moral psychology and the philosophy of criminal law. Brink discusses a number of core issues in philosophy and law, including agency, reactive attitudes (blame and resentment), the justification of punishment, and the jurisprudential impact of injustice. He draws on research from a variety of disciplines, including philosophy, law, legal theory, and social and developmental psychology. He seeks to work out a view that is both theoretically comprehensive and practically valuable.

The symposium will comprise several commentators, each of whom will share a short pre-prepared commentary on the chapter or chapters of most interest to them. This will be followed by a reply from Brink and discussion with the wider audience. 

Commentators include:

Roger Crisp (Oxford)
Gabriel De Marco (Oxford)
Tom Dougherty (Cambridge)
Tom Douglas (Oxford)
Jeff McMahan (Oxford)
Karen Margrethe Nielsen (Oxford)
David Prendergast (Trinity College Dublin)
Janet Radcliffe-Richards (Oxford)
Victor Tadros (Warwick)
Gabrielle Watson (Oxford)
Alexander Kaiserman (Oxford)