Distributing copyright material

Updated 29 April 2022

Staff and students must NEVER upload any copyright material direct to the Law Faculty WebLearn or Canvas site (please only ever provide hyperlinks).  This is essential to ensure that the Faculty’s VLE is compliant with the Copyright Licensing Authority’s rules. 

Thanks to the Bodleian Law Library’s scanning service Law Bod 4 Students, (LB4S) you do not need to check, source, scan or register copyright materials that you wish to distribute electronically to students.  

LB4S is a separate ‘module’ that appears at the end of your individual Canvas subject site. Your scanned documents will be uploaded by the Library staff, with the appropriate CLA coversheet, to this module. All your students taking this subject, on acceptance of the copyright terms, will then be able to access all the scans for their course.

To request a scan please use the form provided here, or send your request by email to law.ref@bodleian.ox.ac.uk

The Library will register the scans with the CLA on our behalf and can also provide advice on whether a specific item is covered by the Copyright Licensing Authority rules.

If you have a published ORLO reading list, then the scans will be made via the digitisation service for ORLO and will appear as a link on the ORLO list.  Again, please contact the Library law.ref@bodleian.ox.ac.uk if you would like a digitisation of a chapter/article on your ORLO reading list. 

This does not affect your own slides, reading lists or handouts, which should continue to be put onto your Canvas site as usual.

Please feel free to address enquiries to charlotte.vinnicombe@law.ox.ac.uk.  

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