Internship with the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (IRMCT)

Announcement for applications will be made in Spring 2020

The aim of the Oxford Meron IRMCT Internship Fund is to provide financial assistance to Oxford law graduates seeking valuable work experience in international criminal law. The Fund will provide support to graduating students within the Faculty, recent Oxford law graduates and current research degree applicants, in appropriate cases, who wish to undertake internships at the United Nations International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (‘IRMCT’).  This Fund is made possible through the generosity of Judge Theodor Meron, President of the Mechanism from its founding through 18 January 2019 and Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford.

Applicants can apply to the Oxford Meron IRMCT Internship Fund for support enabling them to undertake the internship for a funded period of up to three months.


The Oxford Meron IRMCT Internship Fund is open to current students pursuing a research degree or who have undertaken graduate courses in the Oxford Law Faculty (BCL/MJur/MSc/MSt/MPhil/DPhil) and who will have completed their studies prior to commencement of an internship at the Mechanism. Current research degree applicants, in appropriate cases and after consulting their supervisor, may seek to suspend their studies in order to undertake the internship.

It is also open to those who have graduated from the Oxford Law Faculty (including the BA programme), preferably within the past two years.

Decisions regarding the application will be based on an individual assessment of the applicant. Applicants should demonstrate that they have sufficient qualifications, especially from their studies at Oxford, and advanced knowledge of international criminal law to ensure that they are able to make an effective contribution to the Mechanism. It is desirable that applicants will have taken at least one relevant international law subject at Oxford or will have been engaged in relevant research in international law as part of their studies at Oxford.

Application Process for the Oxford Meron IRMCT Internship Fund.

If you wish to apply for the Oxford Meron IRMCT Internship Fund please submit the following to  by date announced:

1.         A letter of application describing the applicant’s background in international law and the reasons for wishing to undertake the internship.

2.         Evidence that an IRMCT internship application has been submitted.

3.         A CV.

4.         Official transcripts.

5.         Two letters of reference, preferably from individuals able to speak to the candidate's abilities in field of international criminal law. In the case of current research students, at least one of the referees should be the applicant’s supervisor.

6.         Applicants should submit a statement of costs and expected expenditure for the duration of their internship.

If you have any inquiries, please contact Jenny Hassan (

Previous students who have undertaken Oxford Meron IRMCT Internships:

Shriya Maini (January - April 2016)
Clara Ludot report (October 2016 - March 2017) (also generously supported by the Oxford Global Justice Internship Programme).
Chun Ho (John) Leung (June - September 2017)
Andrea Raab report (September 2017- March 2018)
Ankita Shanker (September - December 2018)
Raghavi Viswanath report (July - October 2019)

Interns in the Office of the President of the Mechanism play a more substantial role than in any other area at the Mechanism, and during their time in the Office the interns received from Oxford University have taken on a high level of responsibility for numerous tasks on key matters related to the functioning of the Mechanism. These included: drafting and cite-checking orders and decisions on a diverse array of matters related to the myriad responsibilities of the President of the Mechanism; attending and assisting with regular institutional meetings and external relation matters; and conducting research on a number of novel issues.