Current PIL Research Students

Alves Pinto, Thiago DPhilOffence to Religious Belief in International Human Rights Law
Barbosa, DaniloDPhil PRSCivil Liability of International Organisations for Human Rights Violations
Bayot, ArmiDPhilThe vinculum juris in peace agreements: An analysis of the “bindingness” of peace agreements upon state parties
Briddick, Catherine DPhil Do Migration Law’s Regimes of Exception’ Respond to the Compound Disadvantage Experienced by Migrant Women Subject to Violence?
Brier-Mills, MikaylaMPhilDoes international 'humanitarian' or 'human rights' law regulate the treatment of detained terrorist suspects to ensure adherence to humane treatment?
Clifford, MadelaineMPhilThe Potential for the ICJ to Contribute to the Development of International Climate Change Law
Diasmudalige, Sachintha
Customary International Law and Constitutional Rights: The Interplay Between Sovereign Immunity and the Constitutional Right of Access to Court
Fasia, EiriniDPhilRules in the Public Interest: Questioning the Adequacy of International Law Enforcement Framework
Franklin, DemiDPhil PRSDeciphering the European Court of Human Right’s Approach to Attribution
Giakoumakis, EmmanouilDPhilEquitable Considerations in the Assessment of Damages for Inter-State Disputes
Giorkas, KonstantinMPhilWhat do Individuals and IHRL have to offer to the jus ad bellum system?
GunatillekeGehan DPhilA Rights-based Approach to Limiting the Freedom of Expression and the Freedom to Manifest Religion or Belief under the ICCPR
Holcroft-Emmess, NatashaDPhilDerogation under Human Rights Treaties
Ioffe, Yulia DPhilChildren and Asylum in Transit Countries: New Take on Fragmentation of International Law
Jain, VanshajDPhil PRSWarming Waters, Frozen Frontiers: Sea Level Rise and Maritime Boundaries
Jotstl, HannesDPhilRebel Courts: The Legal Framework for the Administration Justice by Non-State Armed Groups
Karolak, MichalMPhil 
Johnson, Katie DPhil Processes of Change in the jus ad bellum - the Implications of Overlapping Norms for the Sources of International Law
Kenny, JackDPhilCDT in Cyber Security (provisional title)
Lung, Wan PunDPhilImplicit Jurisdiction of International Courts and Tribunals, and Questions of Indispensable Issues
Ma, JiDPhilMultinational Corporations, States, and International Law: An Alternative Framework for the Evolution of International Law
Mao, XiaoDPhilImpartiality of Judges and Arbitrators in International Courts and Tribunals
McDonnell, EmilieDPhilProtecting the Human Rights of Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Migrants in an Era of Offshore and Outsourced Migration Control
Methymaki, EleniDPhilDomestic Law Before International Courts and Tribunals: A Mapping Exercise
Nishimura, LaurenDPhil Climate Change and Migration: Developing New Approaches to Protection for Migrants
Panagis, NikiforosDPhilThe Limits of the Interpretative Authority of Domestic Courts on Points of Public International Law
Thazhathuveetil, Gayathree DPhil 
van Benthem, TsvetelinaDPhilArtificial Intelligence: Legal Status and International Law​
Vanshaj, JainDPhil PRSWarming Waters, Frozen Frontiers: Sea Level Rise and Maritime Boundaries
Ventouratou, AnnaMPhilDisengagement from International Law: derogation vs treaty termination and suspension
Weingerl, PetraDPhil Effective Judicial Protection and Damages in EU Law
Wentker, AlexanderDPhilParties to Armed Conflicts in International Law – Cooperation and the Allocation of Obligations
Xuan, Shao DPhil (PRS)Socialist States and International Investment Law: The Case of China