Thiago Alves Pinto  DPhilOffence to Religious Belief in International Human Rights Law
DPhil Natural Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance under International Law
Catherine Briddick DPhil Do Migration Law’s Regimes of Exception’ Respond to the Compound Disadvantage Experienced by Migrant Women Subject to Violence?
Sachintha Diasmudalige
Customary International Law and Constitutional Rights: The Interplay Between Sovereign Immunity and the Constitutional Right of Access to Court
Talita De Souza Dias DPhil The Principle of Legality in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court: Assessing some  Retroactivity Issues Raised by Security Council Referrals and ad hoc Declarations
Daniel FranchiniDPhil Non-Recognition of the Immunity of States and Their Officials as a Lawful Measure of Self-Enforcement
Natasha Holcroft-Emmess MPhil Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties and Conflicts with Norms of International Humanitarian Law
Yulia Ioffe DPhil Children and Asylum in Transit Countries: New Take on Fragmentation of International Law
Daniel Kaasik DPhil The Law of Compromissory Clauses
Patricia Jimenez-Kwast DPhil Wrongful Non-cooperation in International Law
Veronica Lavista  DPhilPermanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources Redux? International Law and the Changing Relations of States to Energy Generation and Resources
Sotirios-Ioannis Lekkas DPhilMultiplicity and Diversity of Actors in the Law of International Responsibility
Kate Mitchell DPhilThe Right to Regulate Matters of Public Interest in International Investment Law
Lauren Nishimura DPhil Climate Change and Migration: Developing New Approaches to Protection for Migrants
Nikiforos Panagis DPhilThe Limits of the Interpretative Authority of Domestic Courts on Points of Public International Law
Michail Risvas DPhil Non-discrimination in International Economic Law
Thomas RomaillerMStCommunitarian Obligations in International Law
Zachary VermeerDPhil Government Consent to the Use of Force and the Structure and Methodology of International Law
Joshua Wabwire MPhil Research focuses on the place and role of judicial precedent as part of the applicable law at the International Criminal Court 
Petra Weingerl DPhil Effective Judicial Protection and Damages in EU Law