Catherine Briddick


Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (Oxford)

LLM Human rights law, received with distinction (LSE)

BA Anthropology and Law, received with first class honours (LSE)

Catherine’s research focuses on human rights and migration law’s ‘regimes of exception’: the rules or regimes that appear to enable some women to obtain a migration status on the basis of having been subjected to violence when otherwise they would have been compelled to leave either the UK or their European country of residence. These ‘regimes of exception’ are analysed by reference to the extent to which they respond to the compound disadvantage that migrant women, subject to violence, experience. By placing the compound disadvantage experienced by migrant women at the centre of analysis and in implicating the State in its production, Catherine’s research seeks to contribute to a greater understanding of the impact of migration status on a woman’s experience of violence, the responsibilities on States that arise from this and how, therefore, responses to violence against women in the context of migration might be improved. Catherine’s research is supervised by Professor Cathryn Costello who is the Andrew W Mellon Associate Professor of International Human Rights and Refugee Law and a fellow of St Antony's College. Catherine teaches International Human Rights and Refugee Law at the Refugee Studies Centre.

Catherine is a barrister (currently non-practising) who has worked on violence against women issues in the not-for-profit sector for ten years (including in service delivery and senior management roles), she has taught public international law and international human rights law (at the LSE) and is and is a trustee of Asylum Welcome.

Catherine holds an AHRC Studentship and is a Doctoral Affiliate of the Refugee Law Initiative.

Position Description

Gradute Reading for Dhil in Law

Teaching Assistant at the Refugee Studies Centre

Research Interests

Refugee Law

International Human Rights Law

Public International Law

European Law


Research projects & programmes

Human Rights Law Research Group