MSc in Law and Finance


The MSc in Law and Finance is taught jointly by the Faculty of Law and the Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford.

Launched in 2010, the MLF is a full-time, ten-month programme offering students with a prior background in law the chance to develop an advanced interdisciplinary understanding of relevant economic and financial contexts, and combines a highly analytic academic core with tailor-made practical applications derived from continuing collaboration with professional and regulatory organisations.

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MSc Law & Finance Student Handbook
MSc Law & Finance Student Profiles 2023 - 2024

Course in brief

Course length
10 months

Each MLF student is required to take:

Three MLF core courses:

  1. First Principles of Financial Economics (FPFE)
  2. Finance
  3. Law and Economics of Corporate Transactions (LECT)

And either:

  1. two law electives chosen from a select list or,
  2. one law elective and a dissertation or,
  3. one law elective and Corporate Valuation and one other finance elective chosen from a select list (the ‘Finance Stream’).

The law electives are advanced courses in different subject areas of special interest taught by Law Faculty members over the course of the whole academic year. 


We require all applicants for the MLF to have an outstanding undergraduate degree in law or equivalent professional qualification in law (this includes PgDL/CPE).

Click Here for full details of the MLF’s entry requirements and how to apply.

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What else do we look for?

The MLF is a tough and demanding course, which offers significant professional and academic rewards to successful candidates. We expect our applicants to be exceptional and highly motivated.

We look for evidence that you:

  • Have made an informed decision to study the intersection of law and finance and are highly motivated
  • Have a track record of outstanding academic achievement
  • Have a proven capacity for hard work and the ability to engage in a very demanding programme of study
  • Have the maturity to cope with a professional learning environment, although prior work experience is not essential.

There is no formal mathematics requirement for the course, but you will be expected to understand basic quantitative skills at the start of the course, and to acquire statistical skills as the course progresses. A pre-sessional course in mathematics is offered as part of the MLF induction to all students and further support classes are then scheduled during term to assist those identified as being in need of some additional support.

You will be joining a group of highly motivated and capable individuals, all with a strong ability to think conceptually and analytically.



The MLF has really helped me get a better understanding of the commercial side of law as opposed to approaching a problem only from the legal aspect. I have a better understanding of the economics that lie behind that problem and I think that will help me become a better lawyer as I build my practice.
                           (MLF Student, 2017-2018)

Admission to the MLF

The eligibility criteria and entry requirements can be found on the admissions website.

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Course Structure

Pre-Sessional Term 1 (Michaelmas) Term 2 (Hilary) Term 3 (Trinity

Pre-Course Training in Maths and Financial Reporting

Two weeks before the start of the first term, MLF students attend an induction programme which includes pre-sessional courses in Maths and Financial Reporting. Preparatory work for both courses is required.

If you receive an offer, we will give you access to the MLF Maths Workbook, which you will be expected to work through before you arrive to start the maths pre-sessional course. The pre-sessional course is made up of six, three-hour classes and ends with a short diagnostic test. If you then need additional maths support this is provided during the year.

Financial Economics

Law and Economics of Corporate Transactions



Law elective 1

Either: Law elective 2


Or: Corporate Valuation

and one finance elective

Click Here for more information on the modules available to MSc in Law and Finance students

Student Experience

"I have gained so much tangible value from what I experienced at Oxford during the MLF. The many concepts that I was tutored on at Oxford elucidated much of the financial jargon which I did not understand during my undergraduate law degree. Recently I have been working with the Saïd Business School in relation to FinTech and have found myself assisting players in the finance sector in relation to elements of their field regardless of the fact that they have operated in their sector for many years."
MLF Graduate

Careers, Events and Alumni

A black and white photo of people in a meeting.

MLF graduates go on to successful, high impact careers in law, finance, policy, and academia. Graduates have gone on to work as trainee or associate lawyers and barristers, as well as building successful careers as entrepreneurs or working in investment and banking. Many graduates have made the transition from their home countries to careers in London, New York, Paris, Singapore and many other locations around the world.

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A final word from a past student

To put in words what I have learned so far is not an easy task. Living in Oxford was one of  the most intense experiences I've had. It was fascinating, challenging and overwhelming at once. It was a place where every day I was challenged with learning new things, developing skills, meeting interesting and inspiring people and having profound conversations about law, economy and politics. It was the best year of my life. 
(MLF Graduate)