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A brief introduction to the Faculty of Law in the University of Oxford

The Faculty of Law in the University of Oxford is one of the largest in the United Kingdom. It is a federation of thirty law schools in the colleges of the University. Legal scholars in the colleges and University are members of the Faculty, which coordinates and supports the teaching and writing of one hundred fifty three academics. We admit and support and teach and examine a diverse and outstanding body of students from all parts of the British Isles and from all over the world. Our student-to-faculty ratio is approximately 7:1.

Oxford is different from any other law school.

  • Students for the BA in Jurisprudence are typically taught in pair tutorials. A tutorial is an exercise for which the student writes an essay, so that the focus of the meeting is on the student's own work on the subject.
  • We have the only graduate degrees in the world that are taught in tutorials as well as in classes (the BCL, MJur, and the Master's in Law and Finance).
  • We have the largest doctoral programme in Law in the English-speaking world.

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