The Bodleian Law Library is housed in the St Cross Building on Manor Road, a ten minute walk from the Bodleian Library in Broad Street. The Law Library occupies about half of the St Cross Building, and all four floors are open to readers, with most of the collection on open access shelves.

Oxford is rich in library facilities, and those available for research and study in law (and related disciplines) are among the very best in the UK. The physical collections are augmented by a numerous electronic resources accessible on the university network.

Photograph of interior of Bodleian Law Library

  • The Bodleian Law Library is a major research library, one of the UK's two or three most important, based in the St Cross Building with the Law Faculty offices.
  • Other Oxford libraries with significant law holdings include the college libraries - notably the library at All Souls College, open to law students from all over the University.

Academic computing facilities are available for those working in law and related disciplines in Oxford, who also benefit from dedicated staff to provide training and support.