Academic Visitor Programme

The Faculty of Law welcomes applications from academics holding a full-time position in another institution who wish to participate in the Academic Visitor programme at Oxford. This programme is intended for visiting scholars with a clearly defined research agenda, who wish to spend a minimum of four months (maximum twelve months) in Oxford to make use of the Faculty’s research facilities.


Applicants may arrive at any point during the year and visits will not be restricted to University term time.  An application may be submitted at any time, but should be made at least one full term before the proposed start of the visit.

The applicant will need to complete an application form which is available for download.  In addition to this application form we will also require an up-to-date curriculum vitae and a letter signed by the visitor’s Head of Department (or equivalent) confirming that the visitor is a full-time member of the academic staff of that institution and that the proposed visit has his/her support.

Application does not guarantee acceptance, and we can only offer places within the Faculty to visitors under the sponsorship of a Faculty member.

Approved applicants will be informed in writing of their visiting status, along with confirmation of the dates of the visit and information with regard to practical elements of being a visitor in Oxford.

The completed application form and accompanying documents must be sent by e-mail to:


There will be a minimum charge of £700 for a four-month visit, and a further £175 per month or part month thereafter, up to a maximum of twelve months. The full payment must be made in advance of arrival in Oxford (details will be supplied upon acceptance to the programme).

For a more detailed description of the programme please download the Policy and Procedure document.

Those wishing to visit Oxford to undertake reseach for less than four months should apply directly to the Bodleian Library for a Reader's Card.

The Faculty has 5 research centres and institutes; each with its own academic visitor programme.  For more information on visiting one of these research centres/institutes, please refer to their websites:

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