Academic Visitors: How to Apply to the Institute

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The Institute welcomes Academic Visitors of senior or postdoctoral status who have a self-directed project of research in the fields of European and/or comparative law which can be pursued in Oxford within the period offered under the programme. The Visitor programme has two tracks, one for senior and early career researchers, and the other for Judicial Visitors. Graduate students are not eligible to participate in this programme.

Academic Visitors may normally apply for visits of between two to three months. If more time is required, the Institute would support an application to the Faculty Visitor Programme. 

In the selection of Academic Visitors, priority will be given to applicants whose work on European and/or comparative law is closely related to the research interests of other members of the Institute or of members of the wider Faculty working in related areas, particularly as part of an ongoing research collaboration, so that Visitors may be better integrated into the Institute and the Faculty during their visit.

Academic Visitors are expected to participate in the academic and research community of the Institute, including (if invited to do so) making a presentation of their research at a seminar or discussion group. They are asked to acknowledge the Institute's Academic Visitor programme in any publication which results from their research stay at Oxford.

Although no stipend or administrative support can be offered, Academic Visitors are usually provided with a workspace at the Institute. They also have access to the Bodleian Law Library and are entitled to attend any seminars, lectures or discussion group events organised by the Institute, the Law Faculty and the University.

Applications are considered by the Institute’s Committee of Management which meets once every term, usually in November, February and May. Applicants should complete the application form (below) and send or email it to the Institute’s Administrator. Reapplications should not take place within three years of each other.

For all Visitors, the application should, in a single PDF document, contain a curriculum vitae, list of publications, statement of research (with an indication of why they wish to conduct this research in Oxford, and in particular the Institute) and an indication of possible dates.

In addition:

For researchers, please include two references; or

For Judicial Visitors, please include a statement from your employer or presiding judge (whichever is most appropriate), confirming the eligibility for the stay, and one reference.

Informal enquiries can also be addressed to the Administrator in the first instance.

Application Form

Applications can be sent at any time during the year but in order to be considered by the Management Committee at its meetings in November, February or May, they must be submitted by:

  • 20 October

  • 20 January

  • 20 April

(The Institute does not provide detailed feedback on unsuccessful applications.)


Please note that the Institute is unable to help Academic Visitors find accommodation in Oxford or to provide a College affiliation, nor is it able to make applications for visas although it will provide the necessary documentation confirming a stay. Appropriate visas must be obtained before arrival. For useful information regarding the type of visa you need to apply for a visit, please read on the University's website.



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