Current and Forthcoming Visitors to the Institute





Dr Gunhan Gonul Kosar Hacettepe University August - January 2023 Sharenting: a comparative research on the violation of children's privacy online by their parents and the legal remedies available
Professor Caroline Heide-Jorgensen University of Copenhagen August-December 2023 EU advertising law

Professor Matthew Conaglen

University of Sydney August - December 2023 Control of trustee discretion in comparative view
Dr Emmanuelle Santoire University of Pau and the Adour Region  September - December 2023

Assessing Energy Project Infrastructure for the Common Good: A Comparative Analysis of European and International Countries

Professor Pål Wrange

(Stockholm Senior Visiting Fellow)

Stockholm University September - December 2023 Is data a thing or not? A comparison of international legal discussions in international humanitarian law and international trade law

Celia Saidi

(MFO - IECL Visiting Doctoral Student) 

University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne October - December 2023 The Regularisation of Contracts, a Comparative study between French Law and English Law
Professor Seong Jo Ahn Jeju National University October 2023- January 2024 Mistake about Factual Elements of Justification: A Comparative 
Dr Christian Ruesing University of Muenster October 2023-January 2024 General clauses and their relationship to special provisions in EU private law

Dr Crina Baltag

(Stockholm Senior Visiting Fellow)

Stockholm University January - March 2024 Costs in International Arbitration
Dr Lorenzo Cecchetti  LUISS University

January -  March 2024 

The Charter and the EU Law-Making Process: Towards a ‘Theory of Concretisation’ of EU Fundamental Social Rights 
Prof. Dr. Viktoria Robertson Vienna University of Economics and Business February - March 2024 Big Tech, Democracy and Antitrust 
Dr Pablo Angel Gutiérrez Colantuono   Universidad Nacional del Comahue March - May 2024 Prevention as a function of the Public Administrations 
Professor Joon Hyong Lee   Hanyang University March - April 2024

Institutional and Theoretical Developments of Land Ownership in UK 

(With focus on Sectional Ownership)  


Dr Sevgi Can Aydin 


University of Cologne April - June 2024 Corporate Opportunity
Professor Johann Hattingh University of Cape Town April- July 2024

The Dialectical Relationship between Taxation and the Political Balance of Power: Legal Connectedness of Colonial-era Mining Enterprises in Africa: 1880-1950

Dr Jan Exner  Karlova University September  – November 2024 Advancing Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe through Sport
Dr Sorin Dolea  Moldova State University October - December 2024 Comparative analysis of the use of Artificial Intelligence in international arbitration: a particular focus on environmental and green transition arbitrations 
Professor Claudia Haupt  Northeastern University March - May 2025 Talking Past Each Other Across the Pond: Why discussions of online speech regulation between the US and Europe fail and we can do about it

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