Current and forthcoming visitors:





Professor Isaac Martin DelgadoUniversity of Castilla-La ManchaJuly-December 2016Towards prevention of EU law infringements. The need to improve the transposition procedure of European directives in Spain
Dr Andrea EdenharterUniversity of RegensburgSeptember-December 2016Protection of fundamental rights in multilevel systems
Dr Viktoria RobertsonUniversity of GrazSeptember 2016 - August 2017Antitrust market: definition, innovation and intellectual property rights. A comparative law analysis of EU and US law
Dr Nadja SchweryUniversity of FribourgOctober 2016-June 2017A contractual analysis of condonimium ownership
Professor Cesare PinelliLa Sapienza, RomeDecember 2016The referendum and the crisis of political representation in Europe
Professor Miguel Martinez-GijonUniversity of SevilleJanuary-February 2017The effects of disability and incapacity on employment contracts and social security benefits of workers in the EU
Dr Elbert de JongUniversity of UtrechtMarch 2017-March 2018Judge-made risk: redressing government failures in the context of health and environmental risks
Dr Eva BarrettMaynooth UniversityJuly-August 2017Creating an appropriate electricity market design for post 2020 electricity markets