Current and Forthcoming Visitors to the Institute





Dr Volodymyr Venher National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy September 2022 - August 2023 Limiting legislative discretion: scope, constraints and principles for Ukrainian Parliament
Dr Anna Novitskaya University of Vienna January-February 2023 Synallagma and exceptio non adimpleti contractus in Russian civil law. A historical and comparative law analysis under the perspective of Austrian and German law
Professor Maria Martinez Alles IE School of Law January-March 2023 Punishment in torts: comparative perspectives
Dr Jennifer Trinks

Max Planck Gildesgame Fellow

Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg

January - March 2023 The role and potential of judicial discretion in remedying business disputes, with focus (whilst in Oxford) on the outcomes of wrongful trading cases in the UK as compared to those of similar legal instruments in civil law jurisdictions, particularly in Germany
Dr Fabio Goulart Tomkowski University of Sao Paulo March-April 2023 The right to innovation in comparative constitutional law
Dr Valeria Confortini University Napoli l'Orientale March-June 2023 Digital assets and inheritance law: a comparative approach
Professor Ignacio Cofone McGill University April-May 2023 Privacy tradeoffs: behavioural economics and regulatory limits in data protection
Professor Alexander Schall Leuphana University April-May 2023 The principle of unjust enrichment - a comparative perspective
Professor Moritz Hennemann University of Passau April-July 2023 The 'colonial' dimension of EU data law
Dr Ivo Coca-Vila  Pompeu Fabra University April-July 2023 Theories of criminalisation and the limits of criminal law
Professor Francisco de Elizalde IE School of Law April-August 2023 Building EU general contract law - harmonisation by mandate
Professor Marco Olivetti LUMSA University Rome May-June 2023 The recent evolutions of federal and regional systems in European states, also in relation to the health crisis generated by Covid-19, with special reference to the cases in France, Spain, the UK and Belgium
Professor Elena Bargelli University of Pisa June 2023 Indirect damage as limit of liability. A comparative assessment
Professor Jannik Otto Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf June-September 2023 Intensity of judicial control in European private law
Dr Gunhan Gonul Kosar Hacettepe University July-December 2023 Sharenting: a comparative research on the violation of children's privacy online by their parents and the legal remedies available
Dr Gudula Deipenbrock HTW Berlin August-September 2023 Atificial intelligence, machine learning and financial markets and beyond - regulatory and supervisory challenges from the European, comparative and international perspective
Professor Caroline Heide-Jorgensen University of Copenhagen August-December 2023 (tbc) EU advertising law
Dr Christian Ruesing University of Muenster October 2023-January 2024 (tbc) General clauses and their relationship to special provisions in EU private law
Professor Johann Hattingh University of Cape Town May-October 2024

1. Finding the meaning of nexus for taxes - past, present and future

2. The dialectical relationship between taxation and the political balance of power

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