Current and forthcoming visitors:





Professor Isaac Martin DelgadoUniversity of Castilla-La ManchaJuly 2016 - July 2017Towards prevention of EU law infringements. The need to improve the transposition procedure of European directives in Spain
Dr Viktoria RobertsonUniversity of GrazSeptember 2016 - August 2017Antitrust market: definition, innovation and intellectual property rights. A comparative law analysis of EU and US law
Dr Nadja SchweryUniversity of FribourgOctober 2016-June 2017A contractual analysis of condonimium ownership
Mr Pierre HornaUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)January-December 2017Problems in multijurisdictional cartel investigations and some ways to tackle them
Dr Elbert de JongUniversity of UtrechtMarch 2017-March 2018Judge-made risk: redressing government failures in the context of health and environmental risks
Professor Olha CherednychenkoUniversity of GroningenApril-June 2017The impact of EU law on private law relationships
Professor Raul LafuenteUniversity of AlicanteJune-July 2017European Union law and international successions: towards a common “Civil Law and Common Law” approach
Professor Cesar Cierco SeiraUniversity of LleidaJune-July 2017Vaccination against basic contagious diseases: is it a citizen's right or duty to contribute to the protection of public health?
Professor Arkadiusz WudarskiEuropean University ViadrinaJuly-August 2017Digital inheritance: a challenge for European private law?
Professor Maria Villamarin LopezComplutense University MadridJuly-August 2017Presumption of innocence: a study of Directive 343/2016
Dr Elena Perez CarrilloUniversity of LéonJuly-September 2017Relational contracts in commercial-business law
Dr Eva BarrettMaynooth UniversityAugust-September 2017Creating an appropriate electricity market design for post 2020 electricity markets
Thijs BeumersUniversity of LeidenSeptember-November 2017A comparative research into the protection of non-pecuniary contractual interests within the law of damanges
Professor Kubra Dogan YeniseyIstanbul Bilgi UniversityJanuary-July 2018Irregular migrant workers at the intersection of migration and labour law
Professor Jéronimo MailloCEU San Pablo UniversityJanuary-June 2018Innovative techniques to improve the fight against cartels in Spanish competition law: useful lessons from the British experience
Dr Maria Angeles Fernandez ScagliusiUniversity of SevilleApril-July 2018Protection of property by the Protocol Number 1 to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom and its application by the European Court of Human Rights in Spain and the UK
Dr Juan Pablo Murga FernandezUniversity of SevilleApril-July 2018'Mistake' and complex financial contracts: a compartive perspective of the Spanish and English legal systems
Dr Paul VerbruggenTilburg UniversityAugust-November 2018The constitutionalisation of private regulation: understanding the role of private law