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Oxford Law Faculty Graduate StudentsMaison Française Oxford Graduate StudentsVisiting Graduate Students


Oxford University Graduate Students

Although the Institute does not admit graduate students directly, there are opportunities which may assist graduate students of the Oxford Law Faculty in their research, especially those working in areas of European and/or comparative law.

A number of visiting schemes are available to which Oxford doctoral students are welcome to apply. These include:

Graduate students are very welcome to take part in events organised by the Institute, which will be advertised on the internal graduate email lists. In particular, the European Union Law Discussion Group and the Comparative Law Discussion Group are organised and supported by the Institute. The Institute also organises a series of Lunchtime Seminars at which our staff and visitors present their work.

The Institute is a member of the British Association of Comparative Law (BACL), which organises each year a Postgraduate Workshop on Comparative Law, a 2-day roundtable workshop designed for doctoral students working on theses in the field of comparative legal studies. In 2016 the workshop was held at the Institute. Information about each year’s workshop is normally sent to the Institute by BACL during Hilary Term, and will be sent on to Oxford Law graduate research students through the Faculty mail lists.


MFO Visiting Scholars

The Institute’s agreement with the Maison Française d’Oxford facilitates the integration into the University of postgraduate students from French higher education establishments who spend a year at Oxford undertaking legal research as part of their doctoral studies. Information about the scheme can be obtained through the MFO.

One or two French students are affiliated to the Institute each year. Since the agreement was established in 2013, MFO visiting scholars have come from Université Panthéon-Assas Paris 2,  Université de Lille 2,  and Université de Bordeaux. In addition to conducting their research in Oxford, they have been involved in the activities of the Institute, including coaching the Oxford teams for the annual French Law Moot.

Pierre Auriel was the MFO visiting scholar in 2015-16.

My research visit to the Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law during the academic year 2015-2016 was a precious time for my research and a great opportunity to discover a rich, different and welcoming academic universe.
The main goal of my visit was to pursue my research to my PhD dissertation. Working on the doctrine of the equivalent protection in the European Union Law, I found comprehensive resources on this topic, at the Bodleian Law Library. Despite the restoration work at the Library, I was able to consult these resources, especially using the full access to online resources and the desk provided by the Institute. Thanks to the research environment and the welcoming staff, this year was a key moment for my research. 
I got also the opportunity to teach French Law to 1st-year and 2nd-year students. I filled in for Dr Geneviève Helleringer for a couple months. This opportunity was a decisive experience, through which I deepened my understanding on my own teaching philosophy and on the way to teach my own legal culture. 
Accommodated by the Maison française d'Oxford during the year, we also organized a conference on crisis legislation with the Institute, the Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group and the Institut Michel (University Paris-II).As an academic visitor, I participated in seminars, conferences and lectures, held discussions with academic colleagues but also, simply visited this extraordinary city. I kept some excellent souvenirs from this sojourn from a professional and a personal standpoint and I hope I will come back at least to wonder at the result of the restoration of the St Cross Building.


Visiting Graduate Students

The Institute does not have a general scheme for visiting graduate students. Doctoral students of other universities who wish to spend a period between one and three terms in Oxford, under the supervision of a member of the Oxford Law Faculty, should apply to the University to be admitted as a Recognised Student.

However, the Institute is sometimes able to offer an association to doctoral students whose thesis involves research into aspects of European or comparative law, and who wish to spend a period of time conducting research in Oxford, but who are willing to become involved in the Institute. No supervision will be offered but we will enable successful applicants to use the libraries and we may be able to offer the use of “hot desks” in the Institute.

Doctoral students wishing to be considered for such association with the Institute should ask their doctoral supervisor to contact the Director of the Institute, Professor Birke Häcker, to outline the value of their spending time in Oxford. A current curriculum vitae and brief outline of the student’s research project should also be attached.

Applications are considered by the Institute's Committee of Management which meets once per term and must be sent to Professor Häcker by 20 October (for the meeting in November), 20 January (for the meeting in February) and 20 April (for the meeting in May). Applications can, of course, be sent at any time during the year but will only be assessed at the next meeting of the Committee of Management.