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The Stockholm Centre Oxford Fellowship was established in 2011 through an academic cooperation agreement entered into between the Institute of European and Comparative Law at the University of Oxford and the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law at Stockholm University. The purpose of the agreement is to facilitate exchanges of academic staff and research fellows between the Law Faculties of the Universities of Oxford and Stockholm and generally support the interaction between members of the Stockholm and Oxford Law Faculties.

Since 2011 nine Swedish academics have been appointed as Stockholm Centre Oxford Fellows and four senior Swedish academics have been given the opportunity to spend time on sabbatical arrangements in Oxford. As part of the cooperation, the Stockholm Oxford Law Symposium has been held biennially at Christ Church, Oxford. Also during this period Professor Ulf Bernitz has continued to hold a position at the Institute as Co-ordinator for the Oxford/Stockholm Association in European Law. In addition, a number of seminars and guest lectures have taken place in Oxford and Stockholm.

The Stockholm Centre Oxford Fellowship is financially supported by Stockholm University, certain foundations linked to the university, and a group of Swedish law firms and tax advisers. The Fellowship is affiliated with Christ Church and the Stockholm Centre Fellows have since the inception of the cooperation had the benefit of participating in the academic and social community there. 



Former and Current Stockholm Centre Oxford Fellows:

2012-13Gustaf Sjöberg
2013-14David Langlet
2014-15Laura Carlson
2015-16Jaan Paju
2016-17Elisabeth Ahlinder
2017-18Jessica Östberg
2018-19Mark Klamberg
2019-20Cyril Holm
2020-21Marios Iacovides