Corporate insolvency and restructuring law after CIGA

In 2020, the corporate insolvency and restructuring law of England and Wales was changed significantly in a number of ways by the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 (CIGA). These changes are arguably the most significant made to the insolvency and restructuring landscape since the implementation of the Cork Committee’s recommendations in the Insolvency Acts of 1985-1986. In this project, a group of academic and practitioner specialists in the law of England and Wales will be brought together with specialists in the corporate insolvency and restructuring laws of some other jurisdictions with a view to evaluating the reformed regime. Attempting such an evaluative task is important, given the scale of the 2020 changes, the evidence of the impact of corporate insolvency and restructuring rules on access to finance and entrepreneurship, and the precarious position of the UK cross-border insolvency matters after Brexit.

This is a project of the Commercial Law Centre at Harris Manchester College. It is led by Kristin van Zwieten and Jennifer Payne.