Free Trade Federalism in Australia and the European Union: Judicial Delimitation of Legislative Competence
David James Townsend, supervised by Stephen Weatherill
Submitted in 2018
Judicial discretion and contempt power: two elements of equity that would benefit the EAPO and future EU-wide provisional and protective measures
Nicolas Kyriakides, supervised by Professor Adrian Zuckerman
Submitted in 2018
The Jurisprudence of Constitutional Conflict in the European Union
Ana Bobic, supervised by Professor Angus Johnston
Submitted in 2017
The Power to Shape the Internal Market: Constitutional Implications of the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union
Vilija Velyvyte, supervised by Professor Stephen Weatherill and Professor Anne Davies
Submitted in 2017
Joelle Grogan, supervised by Professor Paul Craig
Submitted in 2016
Michèle Finck, supervised by Professor Liz Fisher and Professor Stephen Weatherill
Submitted in 2015
Climate Change v Eurozone Crisis: Social and Economic Views of Risk in Inter-Expert Risk Communication
Po-Hsiang Ou, supervised by Professor Bettina Lange
Submitted 2015
Päivi Johanna Neuvonen, supervised by Dr Katja Ziegler
Submitted in 2014 

Competition Law, State Aid Law and Free-Movement Law: The Case of the Environmental Integration Obligation
Julian Nowag, supervised by Professor Ariel Ezrachi and Dr Katja Ziegler
Submitted in 2014 
Consumer Involvement in Private EU Competition Law Enforcement : Evaluating and Reshaping the Enforcement Toolbox - Towards Acceptable Mechanisms
Maria Ioannidou, supervised by Professor Ariel Ezrachi
Submitted in 2012
Ioannis Papathanasiou, supervised by Professor Stephen Weatherill 
Submitted in 2011​

Discourse Analysis of Emissions Trading Scholarship: A Case Study of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
Sanja Bogojević, supervised by Professor Liz Fisher
Submitted in 2011​
The Constitutional Dimension of European Criminal Law
Ester Herlin-Karnell, supervised by Professor Stephen Weatherill
Submitted in 2010
Article 82 of the European Community Treaty and Exclusionary Conduct: The Need for a Clearly Defined Approach
Ben Gauntlett, supervised by Professor Stephen Weatherill
Submitted in 2010
The Committee System and Participatory Governance in the European Union: Case Studies from the European Commission
Justin Cohen, supervised by Professor Denis Galligan
Submitted in 2010

Destination Europe: Human Rights & Admissions to the EU's Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Cathryn Costello, supervised by Professor Stephen Weatherill
Submitted in 2010