Stephen Weatherill is the Jacques Delors Professor of European Law. He also serves as Deputy Director for European Law in the Institute of European and Comparative Law, and is a Fellow of Somerville College.

His research interests embrace the field of European Law in its widest sense, although his published work is predominantly concerned with European Union trade law. He is co-author of WEATHERILL AND BEAUMONT's EU LAW Penguin Books, 3rd edition,1999, with Paul Beaumont). He is the author of LAW AND INTEGRATION IN THE EUROPEAN UNION (Oxford University Press, 1995), EU CONSUMER LAW AND POLICY (Edward Elgar, 2nd edition, 2005), CASES AND MATERIALS ON EU LAW (Oxford University Press, 9th edition, 2010) and co-author of CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW (Ashgate Publishing, 2nd edition, 2005, with Geraint Howells and EUROPEAN ECONOMIC LAW (Dartmouth Publishing, 1997, with Hans Micklitz). The areas in which he has published papers in journals and edited collections in recent years include; the impact of subsidiarity in EU law; the involvement of the EU in private law; aspects of "flexible" integration in Europe; the elaboration of strategies for the management of the internal market; sport and the law including the ruling in BOSMAN; and the law and practice of product safety.

In Oxford, his teaching interests focus on EU law. He has taught on the European Business Regulation course, Land and Competition Law, offered to BCL and Mjur students and has also taught at undergraduate level.

Before joining the Oxford Faculty, he held the Jean Monnet Chair of European Law at the University of Nottingham, and he has also previously held positions at the Universities of Manchester and Reading since beginning his academic career as a research assistant at Brunel University.


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  • S R Weatherill, 'Article 38 – Consumer Protection' in S. Peers, T. Hervey, J. Kenner and A. Ward (eds), The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: A Commentary (Oxford: Hart 2014)
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  • S R Weatherill, 'Use and Abuse of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights: on the improper veneration of “freedom contract”’ - Comment on Case C-426/11 Mark Alemo-Herron v Parkwood Leisure' (2014) 10 European Review of Contract Law 167
    ISBN: 16149920
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  • S R Weatherill, 'The Court’s case law on the Internal Market: “A Circumloquacious Statement of the Result, rather than a Reason for Arriving at it”' in M. Adams, H. De Waele, J. Meeusen and G. Straetmans (eds), Judging Europe’s Judges: The Legitimacy of the case law of the European Court of Justice (Oxford: Hart 2013)
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  • S R Weatherill, 'Maximum versus Minimum Harmonization: Choosing between Unity and Diversity in the Search for the Soul of the Internal Market' in NicShuibhne and Gormley (eds), From Single Market to Economic Union: Essays in Memory of John A Usher (OUP 2012)
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  • S R Weatherill, 'Fairness, openness and the specific nature of sport: does the Lisbon Treaty change EU sports law?' (2010) International Sports Law Journal 11
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  • S R Weatherill, 'A consumer’s appreciation of the contribution of Advocate General Francis Jacobs to the shaping of the EC’s legal order' in P. Moser and K. Sawyer (eds), Making Community Law: The Legacy of Advocate General Jacobs at the European Court of Justice (Edward Elgar Publishing 2008)
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  • S R Weatherill (ed), The Regulation of Unfair Commercial Practices under EC Directive 2005/29: New Rules and New Techniques (Hart Publishing 2007)



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