Dr Melanie Smallman, UCL
Multi Scale Ethics - Why we need a sociological approach to the ethics of AI in healthcare at different scales
8 June 2022
Professor David Winickoff, OECD
Innovation for Good : a Global Technology Governance Perspective
1 June 2022
Professor Judit Sandor, Central European University
18 May 2022

Advancing Inclusion, Promoting Good Governance and Building Trustworthiness; Lessons from the All of Us Research Programme

Professor Rosario Isasi, University of Miami

Scaffolding stakeholder involvement and engagement in the governance of technologies for healthcare: Perspectives from Japan
Professor Beverley Yamamoto
Osaka University, Japan
16 March 2022
Whose ethics? Embedding public participation in AI governance
Aidan Peppin, Senior Researcher
Ada Lovelace Institute
9 March 2022

Will an App a Day Keep the Doctor Away?: Ethical and Legal Issues Surrounding mHealth Apps
Assistant Professor Ma'n Zawati
McGill University, Canada
3 Mar 2022


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Patents as Governance for Human Genome Editing
Professor Jacob S. Sherkow University of Illinois, College of Law

Understanding expectations as techniques of legitimation: the case of imagined futures through global bioethics standards for health research
Dr Mark Flear, Queen's University Belfast

Law, knowledge, and the making of modern health care
Prof Emilie Cloatre University of Kent Law School

AI in the age of COVID-19: an opportunity for innovation or inescapable risk to human rights
Dr Anjali Mazumder
The Alan Turing Institute

Law-by-design and automated decision making: a reinterpretation of Art. 22 GDPR
Professor Christian Djeffal
Technical University of Munich

Professor Sara Gerke
Harvard Law School
Analysis of digital health data: from research lab to app store
Professor Maurice Mulvenna
Ulster University

Cognitive Sovereignty in the Era of Machine Learning and ‘Big Data’
Professor Lee Bygrave
University of Oslo

UK-REACH: Exploring the legal and ethical implications of linking healthcare, employment and registration data of UK healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic
Ruby Reed Berendt and Dr. Edward Dove
University of Edinburgh

Sharing the Golden Standard? The GDPR stand on sharing biobank data within and without the EU
Professor Jane Reichel and Santa Slokenberga Stockholm University and Uppsala University