Oxford Legal Assistance

About us

Oxford Legal Assistance (OLA) is the only opportunity for undergraduate students to get involved with pro bono legal work at the University of Oxford. The current project works with the Oxford-based law firm Turpin & Miller on a legal aid clinic once a week dealing with issues relating to human rights and asylum. The assistance given to Turpin & Miller by OLA volunteers is essential to allowing access to justice for vulnerable people involved in publicly funded immigration cases, particularly given the current constraints on legal aid. As part of their role volunteers carry out initial client interviews and research to assist with ongoing human rights cases.

What do our volunteers say?


Seeing how the law affects people in such a personal manner reminds me why I chose to study the subject.
Ali, Worcester College

I have enjoyed myself immensely at OLA so far; you really do feel like you are doing something tangible to help the clients, and it has been a wonderful learning experience.
Rei, New College