Welcome to The Oxford Programme in Asian Laws! 

The Oxford Programme in Asian Laws, newly established in 2021, will support and facilitate the long-term research and teaching of Asian Laws in the Faculty. It is important that we are knowledgeable about the Laws of Asia where legal experiences are rich, law reforms and legal developments are dynamic, and 63% of the world’s population reside. The Oxford Programme in Asian Laws takes a variety of perspectives on Asian laws, including doctrinal, jurisprudential (theoretical or philosophical), historical, anthropological, sociological, comparative, and international.   

The Programme will cover different aspects of laws in Asia, including:

  • legal thoughts;
  • legal history;
  • legal traditions, such as Buddhist law, Confucian law, Islamic law, and Hindu law;
  • legal institutions, such as courts, legislatures, and executives;
  • substantive areas of modern law in Asia, such as constitutional law, contract law, business law, transnational law, and international law. 

The Programme will be constituted by different series according to the sub-regions in Asia. Each series include activities, such as public lectures, workshops, seminars, group discussions, and book talks. The series planned are:

Transnational Asian Law Series East Asian Law Series
Southeast Asian Law Series South Asian Law Series
Central Asian Law Series  

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