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5th to 9th November 2018 - “Data Protection Beyond the EU: Mauritius”

Oliver Butler visited the Institute of Judicial and Legal Studies, Mauritius, to deliver three two-hour seminars on the potential impact of GPDR on Mauritian data protection law. Mauritius is a leader outside the EU in adopting GDPR-style national legislation.

The Mauritian Data Protection Act 2017 seeks to bring Mauritian data protection law into line with international standards, ultimately with the hope of receiving an adequacy decision from the European Commission, which would facilitate European data flows to its growing IT sector.

Oliver presented to Mauritian judges and legal practitioners on:

“Seeking an Adequacy Decision for Mauritian Data Protection Law”.
“Enforcement, the Data Protection Act 2017 and the GDPR”.
“Interpreting the Data Protection Act 2017 in light of the GDPR”.

The presentations asked what obstacles may remain to a Mauritian adequacy decision, including expansive Government data sharing powers and the impact of the Mauritian enforcement regime on the interpretation of the 2017 Act. 

25th and 26th June 2019 - Digital Freedom Fund Workshop: “Connecting the Digital Rights Field with Academia: Exploring Models for Collaboration”

Michael Molavi and Oliver Butler attended a two-day workshop at the Amsterdam Law Hub at the University of Amsterdam. The event was co-organised by the Digital Freedom Fund, Amsterdam Legal Clinic (University of Amsterdam) and the Cyberlaw Clinic at the Berkman Klein Center (Harvard Law School). The event brought together academics and law clinicians from the US and Europe with individuals and organisations litigating on digital rights issues in Europe to explore future collaborations on digital rights.


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