Stergios Aidinlis

Research Analyst, Trilateral Research

Mohammed Firdaus Bin Abdul Aziz

University of Malaysia

Heidi Beate Bentzen

Doctoral Research Fellow - Centre for Medical Ethics, University of Oslo, Norway

Jessica Bell

Warwick University

Pascal Borry

University of Leuven, Belgium

Tiffany Boughtwood

Australian Genomics

Michael M Burgess

Biomedical Ethics at the W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics

Lee Bygrave

Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law

Joseph A Cannataci

University of Groningen

Timothy Caulfield

Health Law Institute at the University of Alberta, Canada

Sarah Chan

University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Anne Davies

Anne Davies

Professor of Law and Public Policy

Donna Dickenson

Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics and Humanities, University of London

Edward Dove

University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Photo of Prof. Alex Faulkner

Alex Faulkner

University of Sussex

Clara Gaff

Melbourne Genomics
Imogen Goold

Imogen Goold

Professor of Medical Law

Naomi Hawkins

University of Exeter Law School

Jennifer Harris

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway
Photograph of Jonathan Herring

Jonathan Herring

Professor of Law

Klaus Hoeyer

Rosario Isasi

Dr. John T. Macdonald Foundation Department of Human Genetics at the University of Miami, USA

Kassim Javaid

University Lecturer in Metabolic Bone Disease, NDORMS

Kazuto Kato

Osaka University, Japan

Alastair Kent MBE

Barbara Koenig

Institute for Health and Aging at the University of California and San Francisco, USA

Graeme Laurie

University of Edinburgh

Sandra Soo-Jin Lee Ph.D

Columbia University, USA
Photo of Dr Phoebe Li

Phoebe Li

Sussex Centre for Information Governance and Regulation

Isabelle Budin Ljøsne

Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Tamra Lysaght

HeLEX: Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies

Deborah Mascalzoni

Uppsala University

Eric Meslin

Council of Canadian Academies

Eric T Meyer

Oxford Internet Institute

Jusaku Minari

Kyoto University

Madeleine Murtagh

PEALS, Newcastle

Megan Munsie

Stem Cells Australia

Ainsley Newson

Sydney Health Ethics

Dianne Nicol

Centre for Law and Genetics, Tasmania

Salvor Nordal

University of Iceland

Kieran O'Doherty

University of Guelph

Margaret Otlowski

University of Tasmania

Andelka Phillips

Senior Lecturer

Barbara Prainsack

University of Vienna

Emmanuelle Rial-Sebbag

INSERM, France

Arianna Schuler Scott

DPhil Computer Science

Nayha Sethi

Hannah Smith

Minderoo Tech and Policy Lab, Perth, Australia

Sigrid Sterckx

Ghent University, Belgium

Cameron Stewart

Ethics and the Law in Medicine, Sydney Medical School, Australia

Harriet Teare

Research Leader, RAND EUROPE

Sharon Terry

Genetic Alliance, USA

Susan E Wallace

Andrew Webster

Edgar Whitely

London School of Economics and Political Science

Beverley Yamamoto

Osaka University