Objectives of Innovative Media for Change

In bringing together local and international journalists, policy-makers, practitioners, academics and students interested in Transitional Justice Innovative Media for Change wanted to:

  1. develop a better understanding of what role media can play in transitional justice processes.
  2. initiate a long overdue discussion on pathways to impact through partnership between academia and media.
  3. raise awareness of the role of  media in TJ.
  4. promote JusticeInfo.net  in the UK and beyond.

These objectives were met through a number of activities 1) the launch of the multi-media platform JusticeInfo.net and; 2) the Innovative Media for Change Workshop, held at the University of Oxford in June 2015 and two major outputs; 1) a Report that includes an analysis of the workshop’s discussions and recommendations and; 2) a series of videos and podcasts of the workshop proceedings.